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Property description

Haugelandstrand is nestled in a small cove on the west side of the Fedafjord. This is one of the very oldest settlements in the district and discoveries have been made from the Stone Age. Two new buildings have been erected in the old style. Since Haugelandstrand can be reached both by water and by land, it is ideal for shorter or longer excursions. The largest building at the top of Haugelandstrand has 8 bedside tables and a small kitchenette. The lowest building "Haugelandstrand family cabin" has 4 bunk beds and a separate toilet with entrance from the outside. All the bedside tables can be folded out so that they are 120 cm wide. Prices for rent are NOK 150 per person per night. Minimum price per cottage per night is NOK 300 for the family cabin and NOK 600 for the main cabin. Max price per cabin is NOK 600 for the family cabin and NOK 1,200 for the main cabin. Children under 16 can pay 2 for the price of one. Then the number can be reduced accordingly in the booking. Rules for visiting the coastal cabins in Haugelandstrand in connection with the covid-19 pandemic: Follow the latest recommendations from FHI If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should not visit the coastal cabins. This also applies to mild symptoms. The coastal cabins at Haugelandstrand only have the option of pre-booking. There must be a three-day quarantine between each visit, therefore the cabins are closed for hire from Monday to Thursday until further notice. There can be a maximum of five people in a travel party, except for people who live together on a daily basis. Guests must bring their own sheets that have been washed at 60 degrees for use on mattresses. The mattresses are either 75 cm or 140 cm wide. When using the toilet, reference is made to the current advice on infection control. Disinfectant must be available in the toilet. Prepare hand hygiene measures for the trip. Bring wet wipes, soap and alcohol-based disinfectant. Bring your own garbage bags in case it is empty. There is not and should not be food storage in the cabins. Take all leftover food with you when you leave the cabin. These rules apply until the authorities provide new guidelines for infection control measures for leisure travel.

Room types

600.00kr to 1,200.00kr
300.00kr to 600.00kr

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Area activities

Swimming, fishing, grilling, hiking trail. The path goes up to Haugeland and on towards Sandsheia and Dyreknuten.

Check in times

The cabin is available from 15.00 arrival day to 11.00 departure day.

Driving directions

Haugelandstrand is located on the west side of the Fedafjord in Kvinesdal. The nearest marina is at Feda. The nearest car park is at the car park at the south end of Langevann. Exit from the E39 at the top of the Fosselands tunnel, the exit is signposted to Fosseland. From Langevann you have to go on a gravel road (private toll road) to Haugeland, and then walk from Haugeland down to Haugelandstrand. There is a sign for Haugelandstrand from the car park at Langevann. It is also possible to walk from Sande on Feda and over Sandsheia and possibly over Dyreknuten to Haugelandstrand. A longer but great trip. Parking space in the Skjærgårdspark area at Sande.

Terms and conditions

General The cabins are self-serviced and only have supervision. This means that tenants themselves must take responsibility for keeping the cabins in order and leave the cabin as you would like to find it. Season The cabins can be rented all year round. They are built in the old style and are not insulated. Avoid particularly cold periods. However, there are good wood stoves, as well as firewood in the cabins. Equipment - Wood-burning stove with hotplates and roasting oven. Firewood is stored in the cabins. This wood is for indoor use only. - Alcohol cooking device. Bring your own rubbing alcohol if you want to cook on the cooker. - Cups and vessels for cooking. Bring a tea towel and cloth. - Simple mattresses for overnight stays. Bring a sleeping bag. There are no duvets or pillows in the cabins. - Separate toilet in the main building. Bring toilet paper just in case. - NB! There is no drinking water in the cabin. Drinking water should be brought with you. Rainwater from the roof of the large cabin is collected in a tank, which can be used. Beds / maximum number of people The main building has 8 bunk beds, maximum space for 16 people, (8 bunk beds that are 120 cm wide). The family cabin has 4 bunk beds, maximum space for 8 people (4 bunk beds that are 120 cm wide). Handicap friendly If you arrive by boat, the lower cabin (family cabin) is accessible for wheelchair users. Keys There is a code lock on the door on the outside of the cabins. The code is given on the receipt for payment. Cleaning Tenants must take care of cleaning themselves. On departure, the cabin must be left in the same condition as on arrival. Smoking Smoking is not permitted in the cabins. Cancellation: - In case of cancellation, the e-mail address given in the booking confirmation is used. - Cancellation and change deadline is 7 days before the day of attendance - Full refund of paid stay is given if the cancellation occurs 7 days before the day of attendance - Cancellation 7-3 days before the day of attendance gives the right to a 50% refund - Cancellation made later than 3 days before the day of attendance gives no right to reimbursement


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Familiehytte - Familiehytta

Familiehytta med plass til inntil 8 personer

Max people: 8

from 300.00kr   /PN

Hovedbygg - Hovedbygget

Hovedbygget med plass til inntil 16 personer

Max people: 16

from 600.00kr   /PN

Tariff name Valid from Valid til  
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 600.00kr   /PN
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 750.00kr   /PN
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 900.00kr   /PN
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 1,050.00kr   /PN
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 1,200.00kr   /PN
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 300.00kr   /PN
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 450.00kr   /PN
Normalpris 31/01/2022 31/12/2023 600.00kr   /PN

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