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Rental cabin at Laundal

Built in 2019-2021 for rental. The rental price is NOK 750 for one day. Maximum rental time per tenancy is three days. Arrival from 1 p.m. Departure from the cabin by 12.00 on the day of departure. For the sake of allergy sufferers, it is forbidden to bring pets into the cabin. The road into the car park will NOT be plowed. NB It is NOT permitted to drive into Laundal - tenants must walk from the car park at Lande (approx. 2.2 km). A transport trolley is available for the cabin. The trolley is locked, but the cabin's code is used to borrow it. Possibly Questions about road use are directed to Farsund municipality. Fjellskår Built into a gorge in the bedrock so that the rock walls are part of the walls inside the cabin. Here there is a sleeping alcove with two beds, a loft with two beds and two beds on either side of the kitchen. A total of six beds. The kitchen contains a wood-burning stove with an oven, a hob with two burners, a sink, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, plates, cups, glasses and cutlery. A solar panel has been installed for lighting and a USB socket. The living room consists of a large table with a liftable middle part which is also the entrance door (see pictures), benches for the table and two sofa benches. Entrance from the bottom with stairs up. The door itself is also the center of the dining table. Outside there is a large picnic table and a bench, as well as a fireplace next to the rock face. Bring: Sheets for the mattresses, pillowcases, sleeping bag, kitchen cloth and kitchen towel. TOILET AND WATER There is an outdoor toilet between the rental cabins. In addition, there is a public toilet on the other side of the camp area.. There is no piped water, but a borehole with clean drinking water from a hand pump close to the cabin.


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Area activities


Free rental of canoes in Laundalstrand (follow the path along the stream down to Oppoftsvannet). 3 cannons with associated equipment (paddles and life jackets) can be found in the equipment cupboard down by the water. 

PATHS There are paths up to Poddelopte, south to Svindal and west and down to Oppoftsvann.

Check in times

The cabin is available from 13.00 arrival day to 12.00 departure day.

Driving directions

Laundal is located southeast of the Oppoftekrysset on the E39 between Lyngdal and Kvinesdal. Turn off towards Farsund from the E39 at the Oppoftekrysset. After approx. 400 m, turn off towards Opofte onto a dirt road. After about 3 km, at the top of the slopes past Oppoftevannet and Opofte, there is a car park on the left and a toll road to the right. Park here and enter the toll road. A transport trolley is available for the cabin. The trolley is locked, but the code for the cabin is used to borrow it (any questions about road use should be directed to Farsund municipality). It is signposted from here, and there is only one crossing on this road, where you must keep left/straight ahead. It is 2.2 km to walk on this road, at first quite a few uphills, towards the end it is downhill. It is also possible to walk or paddle from Svindal. On foot, you cross Skarpheia - a longer but wonderful hike. If you want to paddle, you can use the canoes (8 pcs. with equipment available). From here you can paddle into the Opfoftavannet to Laundalstrand, then go up along the stream to Laundal (slightly steep climb). Svindal is located at the exit to Tosås on the road from Åpta towards Drange. Daily fee NOK 50 per canoe.

Other transport

The nearest bus stop is at Oppoftekrysset. Akt.no has a route from Kvinesdal that stops there, route 227.

Terms and conditions

GENERAL The cabin is self-serviced and only has supervision. This means that tenants themselves must take responsibility for keeping order and leaving the cabin as you would like to find it. If the cabins have not been cleaned or have been damaged during use, the tenant will be contacted for compensation or additional work. SEASON The cabin can basically be rented all year round, but the road to the entrance from the car park will NOT be plowed. There is a good wood-burning stove, as well as firewood in the cabin. NB In certain seasons, some condensation may occur inside when the cabin is heated due to the temperature difference on the mountain. EQUIPMENT - Wood-burning stove with hotplates and roasting oven, as well as a gas burner. Firewood is stored at the cabin. Extra firewood is available by the barbecue hut/tool ​​shed. - Cups and vessels, cutlery and pots for cooking. Bring a tea towel and cloth. - Simple mattresses. There are no duvets in the cabin - bring your own sleeping bag, sheets for the mattresses and pillowcases. - Separate toilet at the end of the road 250 m from the cabin, as well as an outdoor area between the rental cabins. - NB! There is no drinking water at the cabin, but a borehole with clean water from a hand pump in the common area. BEDS (maximum number of people) 6 beds, maximum space for 8 people, if you use the sofa beds. The mattresses are 75 cm wide. One of the mattresses is 120 cm. Bring your own sheets and pillowcases. KEYS Code lock on door. The code is given on the receipt for payment. CLEANING Tenants must arrange for cleaning themselves. On departure, the cabin must be left in the same condition as on arrival. SMOKING Smoking is not permitted in the cabin. CANCELLATION - In case of cancellation, use the e-mail address given in the booking confirmation. - The cancellation and change deadline is 7 days before the day of attendance. - A full refund of paid stay is given if the cancellation occurs 7 days before the day of attendance. - Cancellation 7-3 days before the day of attendance entitles you to a 50% refund. - Cancellations made later than 3 days before the day of attendance do not entitle you to a refund.


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